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From: George Roberts (
Date: Mon Aug 09 2010 - 21:21:46 UTC

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    Very nice but the real power comes from all of us making small contributions 
    over time.  I promise if Ted hosted the site I would make it easier to read 
    with more graphics, links to other sites, and links to more details.
    We could have a page just on geostationary and a sub page just on 
    geostationary season, what it's about and where/when to look with xl 
    A page on ideas of where observing contributions are needed and how to get 
    started (ted basically already has that but it could use minor 
    We could have a sub page on the space shuttle (which will be useless soon I 
    think!). and how to see a night launch up the coast with another xl 
    A page on what to do if you are new and want a satellite IDed.
    And so on.
    - George Roberts
    From: "Jim Blackhurst" <>
    Sent: Monday, August 09, 2010 5:05 PM
    To: "SeeSat-L" <>
    Subject: Re: website
    > I had some time available today to install media wiki on a webserver and 
    > put
    > some content in there. I'd invite anyone who is interested to have a look
    > at:
    > This is how the Satobs website could look if it were converted to run 
    > within
    > a WIki framework.  I've not invested a lot of time in this, there is not a
    > lot of content there, and what is, copied and pasted from the existing 
    > site.
    > Have a look at the Geostationary Satellites and Magnitude entries for a
    > good idea of how the pages could look.
    > This is a live install of MediaWiki so feel free to create an account and
    > explore how to manage and create content.  these links might help you get
    > started.
    > The menu down the left had side is default, we would change it to be
    > more relevant to our content. have a look at the 'Special Pages' link to 
    > see
    > under the bonnet.
    > Just a quick note about my motivation for this. I am certainly not trying 
    > to
    > usurp the existing site, this is a playground where people can come and 
    > see
    > why some of us think a wiki would be a good solution for managing
    > the community's information and research. The server this is running on is
    > not really suitable for taking on load generated by anyway. 
    > Any
    > content created here can be saved and moved over to a real home if it's
    > decided to go down the wiki route, otherwise I was just planning on 
    > deleting
    > the installation in a few weeks time when people had finished looking
    > around.
    > I will totally respect everyone's privacy by not doing anything stupid 
    > with
    > any e-mail addresses that people enter in this site, and passwords are
    > hashed when stored in the DB anyway so I couldn't see them even if I 
    > wanted
    > to.
    > If you choose to register you can watch pages, and be alerted to changes 
    > by
    > e-mail so that you can see the vandalism system at work. If anyone would
    > like to be elevated to be given administrator privileges, then please mail
    > me and i'll change your account. saying that, the only advantage to
    > being administrator is the ability to delete content, and grant privaliges
    > to other users.
    > Please have fun with this, and don't hesitate to e-mail me if you would 
    > like
    > any more info on the system or have any questions (lots of questions 
    > posted
    > on SeeSat-L about playing with wiki's would not be appreciated I'm sure). 
    > We
    > can also use the discussion tab on the main page to discuss. I'm not an
    > expert on mediawiki at all, but I use it at work, and have one of my own, 
    > so
    > I should be able to help.
    > cheers
    > Jim
    > On Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 4:57 PM, George Roberts <> wrote:
    >> It's really up to Ted.  If you've never installed wiki software it can be
    >> daunting to choose which one to use and to follow the instructions.  If
    >> you've done it a few times it only takes 5 minutes to create an empty 
    >> wiki.
    >> Once the wiki exists I'd be happy to start by transferring ted's current
    >> content to the new pages.  I'm too loyal to Ted to start my own or use
    >> someone else's.  It would be best if it was on the same website but again
    >> it's up to Ted and he probably doesn't "have the time".
    >> - George Roberts
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    >> From: "Scott Campbell" <>
    >> Sent: Thursday, August 05, 2010 9:33 AM
    >> To: "SeeSat-L" <>
    >> Subject: Re: website
    >> > This is a great idea.  How do we begin?
    >> >
    >> > Scott Campbell
    >> >
    >> >
    >> >
    >> >
    >> > Subject: Re: website
    >> >
    >> >> If it was a wiki we could all update it and ted wouldn't have to.  And
    >> >> with
    >> >> wiki's if someone vandalizes a page I would get an email and I would 
    >> >> fix
    >> >> it
    >> >> quickly.
    >> >>
    >> >> - George Roberts
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