Re: What satellite was this?

From: Michael Boschat (
Date: Mon Aug 09 2010 - 18:13:30 UTC

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    Wow! that's a lot of satellites!!
      I can only narrow the RA/Dec down to this:
    Aug.8/9,2010 - 0125 UT
    RA= 21h 16m  +/-  10m
    Dec= -6d 19' +/- 2d
    My lat: N 44d 39'
    My Long: W 63d 36'
    Place: Halifax,Nova Scotia,Canada
      As I said it "just" appeared - I was looking for Perseids and  
    happened to see the object and I thought it was a nova as there was NO  
    motion detected
    with the eye, it faded very slowly after about a minute.
    In my 12x50 binoculars it looked like a blue star but then after a few
    seconds I saw very slow motion of it against background stars.To me I would
    say it was a very high orbit. I saw other satellites that went slow,medium,
    and varied in brightness, they were unmistakable.
      If I had taken a photo of it there would have been no trailing....but
    I didn't. I saw an object like this on July 30-31,2008 at 0210 UT between
    Theta Aquila and Alpha Capricornii which I thought was a nova so it has to
    be a similar type satellite. I took an image of that one though.
    Clear skies
    Michael Boschat
    Halifax Center - Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
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