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Date: Fri Aug 06 2010 - 18:13:39 UTC

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    I believe the site you're looking for is
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    Subject: Identifying stars in an image
    About a year or two ago there was some discussion of a google service that 
    identifies stars in a random image of the sky without having to know the 
    angle, rotation, mirror image, zoom, whatever of the photo.  You can take a 
    picture that is only 30 arc seconds wide and the service found it!  It was 
    amazingly good considering the algorithmic issues.  The service is not 
    public and you have to request access.  I have access but I can't for the 
    life of me remember what it is called.  Once I get a hint I'll be able to 
    find the old emails but I have about 40,000 emails.
    1) Does anyone remember the name of this service?
    2) If not the name can you point me to a date when I posted to seesat-l 
    about this (I think it was about 2 years ago)?
    3) Once I find the service again, does anyone want my account and password 
    so you can do your own searches?  Or alternatively the contact person?
    I searched through seesat-l archives of my postings.  I searched through my 
    emails.  I googled it.  I can't find it.
    - George Roberts
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