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From: George Roberts (
Date: Thu Aug 05 2010 - 15:57:14 UTC

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    It's really up to Ted.  If you've never installed wiki software it can be 
    daunting to choose which one to use and to follow the instructions.  If 
    you've done it a few times it only takes 5 minutes to create an empty wiki.
    Once the wiki exists I'd be happy to start by transferring ted's current 
    content to the new pages.  I'm too loyal to Ted to start my own or use 
    someone else's.  It would be best if it was on the same website but again 
    it's up to Ted and he probably doesn't "have the time".
    - George Roberts
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    > This is a great idea.  How do we begin?
    > Scott Campbell
    > Subject: Re: website
    >> If it was a wiki we could all update it and ted wouldn't have to.  And
    >> with
    >> wiki's if someone vandalizes a page I would get an email and I would fix
    >> it
    >> quickly.
    >> - George Roberts
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