Re: On Orbit Rocket Burn Aug. 2 ~0347 UT?

From: George Roberts (
Date: Tue Aug 03 2010 - 14:17:28 UTC

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    Very nice picture but it just doesn't look like something from space mainly 
    because this is a 5 minute exposure and there is no motion.
    Rocket plumes and fuel dumps look like a still cloud in a picture but when 
    you see them they move pretty fast across the sky.
    So what could it be?  If it was a reflection from a star in the lens 
    coatings it would look sort of like this (the coatings often turn a white 
    light to red) but I don't think that's the explanation as there is no bright 
    star radially opposite the center point.  Its not dust on the imaging chip 
    which looks similar to this but wouldn't show up in this type of picture.
    What it really looks like is something out of focus that got lit up briefly. 
    Something probably less than 10 feet away.  Probably less than 10 inches 
    away.  If a bug flew past that spot right as a red flashlight lit it up 
    briefly that might explain it.  A single drop of water or dust on the uv 
    filter lit up by a red flashlight might explain it but seems unlikely and 
    that seems too close.
    The shape of the red circle looks exactly like an object blured by typical 
    lens blur (out of focus blur).  Photoshop even has a deconvolution feature 
    that uses a circle (not a gaussian circle like I would have thought) to 
    unblur slightly out of focus pictures.
    Or it could be a reflection from something very bright but outside of the 
    picture like a car headlight or streetlight.  But again if you took 2 
    pictures, the streetlight would show up in both and in the same spot (but 
    not the car headlight).
    - George Roberts
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