RE: {Spam?} Lacrosse 4 _USA-152) (26473 2000-047-A) telescopic OBS

From: Allen Thomson (
Date: Mon Aug 02 2010 - 20:01:45 UTC

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    > which makes the dish at least 1.5 x 4  m = 6 m wide. 
    That seems in the range of dish diameters consistent with other sources.  
    The thing that I'd like to see some comment on is the solar panels, if it has them. I don't see anything in the images that look much like such, but  that could be due to orientation and reflectivity (aka BDRF). I.e., their reflectivity could be mostly specular and in the images they're oriented so the specular reflection in the direction of the observer is showing the observer a view of empty space.
    Or not. Opinions are solicited.
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