Re: Help needed in identification of a bright object

From: Christian F. Ackermann (
Date: Mon Aug 31 2009 - 21:08:45 UTC

Kevin Lee wrote:
> Hi Christian, I took this photo from my location in Mannheim, maybe the 
> same object, shortly before 9pm on the 29th. Photo here: 
> It was a very 
> bright -8 Iridium 53 flare. Maybe this is what you saw. It did appear 
> stationary to the eye. But it did move as the shot reveals. Regards Kevin

Thanks for your reply Kevin but I've been looking irregularly for 
Iridium flares for 10 years now but even with some alcohol in my blood 
I'm pretty sure that I would notice the movement of an Iridium satellite 
- apart from that it would have changed its brightness. So it must have 
been something else.


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