STS-128 Discovery and external tank overhead from Dorset

Date: Sat Aug 29 2009 - 04:45:34 UTC

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    Managed to image Discovery and the external tank from Dorset, UK under clear 
    skies.  Both objects became very bright within a few seconds reaching about 
    mag -4.  The tank followed virtually the same track as Discovery and so on a 
    30-sec exposure with a 10-mm f.l f/3.5 lens (Canon EF-S) their trails 
    merged.  They faded to about mag -2 as they reached the zenith, one passing 
    in front of the other giving a three-dimensional perspective to their 
    motion.  After crossing, they continued to fade disappearing in the 
    constellation of Orion.
    Well worth setting the alarm for - as well as being able to take a few 
    hundred images of epsilon Aurigae before dawn.
    Richard Miles
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    Subject: Discovery and tank seen from Edinburgh
    >I watched Discovery and its detached external tank crossing Edinburgh's S 
    >sky at 04:20 UTC this morning, reaching about 14 degrees elevation. 
    >Discovery was less than a degree to the upper-left of the tank and 
    >reasonably steady near mag 0.5. The tank was distinctly orange and fainter 
    >when first seen, about mag 1.5, but grew brighter than Discovery to perhaps 
    >mag -1.0.
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