Re: How are GEO flares predicted?

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Fri Aug 28 2009 - 13:06:11 UTC

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    --- On Thu, 8/27/09, Jason Glydewell <> wrote:
    > Your observations of Intelsat 1R, for
    > example, make me curious.  How do you know when GEO
    > sats will be flaring?  Is it luck? Or is there a
    > method?
    It used to be, once I knew when to observe flaring from Intelsat 1R, I would wait until the sun would be around the same declination, as when I had observed flaring from it in the past, and it would flare up. Then to me, they started to play around with it's attitude, making me have to observe it, and wait to see when it would flare up. 
    For the spaceway's and XM-1 flare, unless they changed those satellite attitude's, I should see flaring from them, around the same time as in the past.
    This is my personal option, based on much observing of them.
    I am keeping an eye on spaceway's, as they are easy to see, on the tv compared to other geo sat's.
    For the other geo sat's, you just need to look around the time, the sun will be the same declination, as the geo sat's are, as seen from your location.
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