STS-128 visibility for New Zealand on first orbit

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Mon Aug 24 2009 - 20:25:44 UTC

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    In theory assuming an on time launch STS-128 should be visible on a shadow entry pass for the southern North Island and for the South Island of New Zealand (including me!) at around 0639 UTC (1839 NZST), only just over an hour after launch.  Would only be a fleeting glimpse for me in view of low elevation, shadow entry and obstruction by hills.  South Island has better passes.
    I say in theory because as usual with interesting STS or ISS passes Murphy's law is in operation and a deep depression will be spreading fronts over the areas where STS-128 would be likely to be seen!
    Will try if possible though severe gales and rain may make it impossible, will also get the word out to the public in case they get better chances than I do!
    New Zealand
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