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From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Wed Aug 19 2009 - 15:10:38 UTC

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    Greg Roberts wrote: 
    > These observations come from Ian Roberts ( NO relation!) of Randburg
    > (near Johannesburg)
    > I have taught him how to use the APEX automatic position measuring
    > program and am attempting to get him hooked on observing high altitude
    > satellites. He is retired and very capable in electronics, astronomy
    > and is computer literate - Ive known him for about 35-40 years (ouch)
    > He did the reductions using APEX.
    Ian, since you subscribe to the list, welcome to positional observing! Greg, you
    have done your usual fine job mentoring.
    > The site number -7777 - is meaningless as he does not have a Cospar
    > identification. (yet)
    No doubt, Pierre will soon remedy that.
    > His geographical coordinates are:
    > longitude 27.9287 deg E, latitude  26.10298 south, altitude about 1000 metres.
    I have found a Dec 2007 e-mail of Ian's, in which he reported his altitude as
    1650 m, for nearly identical coordinates, in good agreement with Google maps,
    Calsky and Heavens-Above.
    Ted Molczan
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