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Date: Tue Aug 18 2009 - 17:03:53 UTC

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    Final Frontier magazine began with the April 1988 issue (volume 1
    number 1) and ran bimonthly for at least 11 years. The last issue I
    have is December 1998 (volume 11 number 6). Although that issue
    carries an editorial "swan song," bidding farewell to the old
    management and celebrating the incoming new management and new
    direction for the magazine, I am unable to find any issues of this
    magazine dated 1999 or later. I understand the magazine was sold to a
    publisher in India. Perhaps it appeared only there and was no longer
    distributed/sold in the USA? Perhaps it was available after 1998 by
    subscription only? Does anyone on this list happen to know? Of the 64
    issues that I know or suspect exist, I still need 8, namely, all six
    for 1997 and the last two (Oct and Dec) of 1995. All years except 1988
    and 1994 had six issues; the latter two had five. I think 1995 and
    1997 had six but don't know for sure. If any list member wants to
    unload copies of FF that I'm missing, please let me know offlist.
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