Very bright satellite (2008-041C) observed in Finland

From: Leo Wikholm (
Date: Thu Aug 13 2009 - 19:29:04 UTC

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    A very bright satellite caused an interesting light phenomenon in 
    Finland on August 12, 2009.
    People saw a very bright object at 1.25 local time (UTC+3) which was 
    moving across the sky.
    The object was also observed by a meteor camera of Timo Kantola in 
    Mathematician Esko Lyytinen calculated very soon that the object was a 
    satellite at 250 km height.
    You can see a picture in Finnish article
    According to my tracking analyses it seems that this was an object 
    33322, 2008-041C.
    This is very interesting object. It is moving fast and it is also very 
    bright. The same object was also
    observed by meteor camera on August 4 and August 7.
    Clear skies!
    Leo Wikholm
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