Re: UNID During Meteor Shower!

From: SCWXA (
Date: Thu Aug 13 2009 - 14:59:22 UTC

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    That is very close, but the angle of the flashing was opposite of
    that.  More 6:30 or 7:00 of an angle to the horizon.  It was odd,
    because it flashed as bright as 0 or even -1 magnitude a couple times.
    Tried to look in the binos for a plane but nothing was there, just
    this odd flash moving to the 6:30 or 7 o'clock straight through
    Perseus, down to the horizon.
    On 8/13/09, Bjoern Gimle@GlocalNet <> wrote:
    > Images sent to Kevin
    >>> Seems like  the satellite or object would have had to cross the
    >>> Southern skies.  Cosmos was crossing the Northern skies.
    >> I am puzzled. You said "It moved to the Northeast I would say, straight to
    >> the horizon"
    >>> The angle would probably take it ...
    >> Quoting probable motion is much less accurate than describing the local
    >> circumstances
    >> (relative to a vertical, or a line between two stars)
    >> For this Cosmos, motion is "5 o'clock" (159 degrees)
    >> one deg left of eta Per to two deg left of alp Per in 120 seconds
    >>> but only blinked between the two brightest stars in Perseus ...
    >> So it would have passed right of alpha, left of Algol?
    >> /Björn
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