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Date: Wed Aug 12 2009 - 23:34:52 UTC

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    Been away for a few months, now slowly getting caught up. In
    particular, I've recently been on a (fairly successful) quest to fill
    out my Space World run. I started reading Space World as a kid with
    issue #2 (July 1960) and purchased it sporadically on the newsstands
    ever since. I now have my run dug out of my garage, and organized,
    upgraded, and most of the holes filled via numerous eBay purchases. I
    also appended my run of Ad Astra (the National Space Society house
    magazine) to this run, since it )sort of) took over from Space World
    with the January 1989 issue. I still need 27 of the 445 individual
    issues in the Space World/Ad Astra collection (mainly from 1962 and
    1966, tough years to find), so anyone who may have a few back issues
    to sell or get rid of, please get in touch (email). I can send a want
    list PDF on request.
    Also currently offering some duplicate issues on eBay, starting bids
    of $1.99. Just search for "DGLib" (Dinogeorge library) on email to
    find everything I currently have for sale. And still have a number of
    duplicate Space Worlds to list over the next week or three.
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