From: Gerhard Groenewald (bataleur@megaweb.co.za)
Date: Sun Aug 09 2009 - 15:42:33 UTC

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    Thanks for the info Greg.
    It then seems to me to give longer exposures and zoom in , in order to make
    your life easier with apex.
    Some ignorant questions :)
    Does it not help identifying the major stars for apex, as I normally do in
    my reports?
    However I the presume if you did not use apex , you used heavensat on
    backtrack. Which I did with the info given by you. The easy part is that I
    knew which satellite from your id, saw it fit in corvi and confirmed your
    How did you do it , load a complete satellite base, and sift through
    possible sightings at the time instant and eventually find a visual fit? 
    Or do you only use classfd.tle and if no fit ignore as junk ? 
    Tedious to say the least. Thus highly appreciated.
    Or is it a trade secret . Wink ;)
    Many regards
    Gerhard Groenewald.
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