Re: atex not seen ISS exceedingly bright

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Sun Aug 09 2009 - 08:05:40 UTC

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    Morning Gerhard
    I think ATEX would have been a bit too faint for your system-- it would have 
    been running parallel to the faint parallel lines in your picture - possibly 
    about mag +8.
    The unknown object was Lacrosse 2 91-017A #21147 at a range of about 1017 km 
    and magnitude about +4.5--could have been brighter. The field of view is 
    13.30 x 8.77 degrees and the image scale is 60.91 arc sec/pixel. Satellite 
    was moving from left to right, coordinates for trail are
    start  RA 12h03m01s  Dec -23d 27'42" (J2000)
    end   RA 12h18m57s  Dec -18d 20'08" (J2000)
    centre of field of view = RA 12h11m24s   Dec -19d 13'56"  (J2000)
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