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Date: Tue Aug 04 2009 - 01:56:57 UTC

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    On 3 Aug 2009 at 18:38, Paul Grace wrote:
    > You would be right
    Thanks. Apart from the reasoning I used previously, there is also the aspect 
    that the US Government (unlike many other governments) does not copyright its 
    publications, on the excellent reasoning that the public has already paid for 
    them once.
    > except for the fact that each user of the SpaceTrack site expressly
    > agrees(among other things) "not to transfer any data or technical
    > information received under the agreement, including the analysis of
    > tracking data, to any other entity without the express approval of the
    > DoD." So by going to that site you have...
    Well, not exactly. The website says that the user has agreed to this by 
    BE BOUND...". I don't think this has any validity. I am habituated to click all 
    over the internet, without agreeing to anything in particular. Whatever a 
    website says cannot lay any obligation upon me, just by me reading it.
    However, it is true that in order to become a registered user of SpaceTrack, 
    one needs to click a radio button to say that one accepts the conditions of 
    use. So it is true that any registered user has 
    > agreed not to transfer the information... 
    You are quite right: a user who dared to republish information obtained from 
    the SpaceTrack website would have violated the site rules, and could be 
    terminated. This does not, of course, mean that any penalties could be imposed 
    upon the forum in which the information was republished, or upon a third party 
    who re-republished the information. Which is not copyrighted.
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