Observing Report: 4 Geosynchronous Satellites in the Same Field of View!

From: Skywayinc@aol.com
Date: Thu Aug 21 2008 - 13:56:10 UTC

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    Thought some on this list might be interested in this observation.
    Ron is a member of the Amateur Observers' Society (AOS) of
    New York.  He and two other AOS members made this interesting
    observation on Wednesday evening from Robert Moses State 
    Park, located in Suffolk County, Long Island, NY.  Anybody want  to
    take a crack at identifying what these guys saw?
    -- joe rao
    Hi everyone,
    A few weeks ago I posted how I saw a geosynchronous  satellite drift 
    out from M11. Well, tonight at Robert moses, I was looking  at M11 
    again. And wouldn't you know it, this time I see TWO satellites  
    slowly drifting across the face of M11. But wait, it turned out there  
    were a total of 4! It was very interesting to see this many clustered  
    together. They were not equally spaced from one another, nor were 
    they  in a straight line or any apparent pattern. Bill Bradley pulled 
    out an  application on his PDA and gave an estimated location of an 
    altitude 41.7,  and an azimuth of approx 200.
    Rich Huber, Bill Bradley, and I took turns  watching these dots remain 
    stationary among the drifting backdrop of stars  passing by while 
    contemplating the purpose of why these satellites were  clustered 
    together. I would estimate them to have been grouped within 20 arc  
    Cool stuff!
    Ron Lindenfeld
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