Help with Satellite Pair ID

From: Paul Zeller (
Date: Wed Aug 13 2008 - 17:42:45 UTC

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      Hello! I am a long-time subscriber to the list but this is my first attempt at posting to See-Sat-L.
      I am wondering if anyone can help me identify an unusual pair of satellites I saw Tuesday morning (August 12).
      I first spotted them around 3:31 UT about 7 degrees east of Alpha Ophiuchi. The leading object was about 3rd - 4th magnitude and the second was 2nd - 3rd magnitude trailing the first one by roughly 2 degrees.
      The pair kept the same separation and moved to the North, and the trailing object increased briefly in brightness to about 1st magnitude. They both then grew dimmer (the trailing object always stayed noticeably brighter than the first).
      Around 3:32 UT they both faded and vanished into shadow very close to Vega (Alpha Lyrae).
      Unfortunately I wasn't able to find a match for this using Heavens-Above.
      I apologize that the timings and positions are so rough! Thank you in advance for any help or advice identifying these satellites.
      My coordinates are 39.6600N 86.0503W.
      Paul Zeller
      Indianapolis, IN, USA
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