Re: Iridium 95 now in operational orbit, presumably replacing Iridium 28

From: Mike McCants (
Date: Wed Aug 06 2008 - 18:17:04 UTC

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    Rod Sladen posted:
    >In late July 2008, Iridium 95 (27375, 2002-005D), up till then a spare
    >satellite in orbital plane 3, entered the operational constellation,
    >evidently to replace Iridium 28 (24948, 1997-051E). Currently, Iridium
    >28 remains close to its nominal position in the constellation, so had
    >presumably failed on station.
    I believe that Iridium 28 is still in the "right place" in its constellation
    and that Iridium 95 is about 15 seconds behind it - ready to take the place
    of Iridium 28 if necessary.  The tles for Iridium 28 show an unusual change
    in mean motion about July 19, but it seems to have recovered a few days later.
    Mike McCants
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