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Date: Wed Aug 06 2008 - 14:43:06 UTC

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    Does that include tonight?? Wednesday Night??
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    > A Question.. Is there a way to predict flaring from my location in 
    > Morgan Hill, CA... Or do I just have to do some math and look for
    > them near
    > opposition???
    I would say start looking at 6:30 UTC, and keep an eye on it, and if all
    goes to plan, you see it.
    Jeff Umbarger send me a email, saying he observed a bright geo, which I told
    him was Galaxy 11. Milstar 6 which is near Galaxy 11, also flares up, but
    it's flares last way longer and isn't as bright, I find.
    There should hopefully be a flare, from the other surface. I plan to look at
    the approx time, I fiqure it should occur which is 1 hour earlier, so around
    5:50 UTC give are take a few minutes. Start looking early. 
    Cloudy tonight, so observing by me, to see.
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