Re: Unknown flasher

From: Gordon Prichard (
Date: Thu Jul 31 2008 - 12:50:03 UTC

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    Hello everybody,
         Further attention to CalSky shows Orbital Exp A 2007-006A on a
    similar trajectory at the right time but its track stops well short of
    the first observed position. Could 2007-006A have changed its predicted
    track (i.e. raised its altitude to remain sunlit longer)? The purpose of
    this satellite appears to be for testing in-flight
    self-maintenance...does it include orbital adjustments? If so does the
    flashing represent controlled rotation or has it lost its attitude lock?
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    Subject: Unknown flasher
    > Hello everybody,
    >      While observing at 0908UT on 30Jul08 from 32.87S 151.7E I
    > a flash just north of zeta Ophiucus. Using binoculars I was able to
    > a satellite moving eastward and two subsequent flashes. The flashes
    > about magnitude 4 with a constant period in the order of 5 seconds
    > (untimed). The satellite itself was approximately magnitude 6. Later
    > reference to H-A and CalSky revealed no corresponding object down to
    > magnitude 8.any assistance in identifying this object would be
    > appreciated.
    >          Gordon
    >          Newcastle, Australia
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