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Date: Thu Aug 23 2007 - 16:35:15 EDT

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    I find an SL-16 #20625 passing 10 degrees BELOW left of eps Peg
    (much further left) and passing the the line gam Aqr-alp Aqr in penumbra
    Cosmos 1771 passed very close to alp Aqr, but entered eclipse 19:59, 1½ min
    (according to SkyMap)
    They were expected around mag 5 at eps Peg's 32 deg altitude.
    I had some restrictions on range and magnitude, but they shouldn't be
    excluding any known object?
    Charts sent separately
    /Björn Gimle
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    Observation on : 17 august 2007 ;
    Place : 44°.574 N 6°.682 E ; altitude 1850 m ;
    I noticed a third unexpected satellite, apparently on the ISS orbit or so,
    mag 3 at the left of Epsilon Pegasi.
    Its brightness was decreasing, so I followed it using binoculars 10 x 50
    till it eclipsed in Aquarius sligthly lower than Alpha-Gamma Aqr. The
    eclipse was recorded at 19h57,0 UT
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