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Date: Thu Aug 23 2007 - 09:23:54 EDT

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    Hi all,


    According to the SeeSat-L etiquette, here is my presentation :


    I have been interesting in observational astronomy for a half century (now I’m a 60-year old french engineer), devoting more especially twenty years (1967-1987) to prolific variable star photometry. My interest for visually observing satellites started early, since I serendipitously observed Echo-1 soon after its launch, and remains the same after all those years.

    I will here especially thank very much Pierre NEIRINCK for the support he gave me in the early 60’s, before I could know something about orbit calculations. It’s a very sincere feeling of gratitude, since I have probably not had the opportunity to thank him enough for his generosity

     4 decades ago.

    In the 70’s I took part enthusiastically to the Jean MEEUS observing programme of flashing satellites, so that I still appear as « AF » in the PPAS observers list.


    Now I am interested in observing - for the pleasure and somewhat turistically I must confess it ! - whatever kind of new or ancient satellite, the main limitation being the fact I live down town in the Paris area (not a very good observing place), so for example I like to take photographs of Iridium flares and of various satellite passes.

    I was happy to join a few months ago the SeeSat-L (whereas I was aware of it for years) especially for having a closer look at admiring the day-to-day performances of the top observers you are, that reminds me of my foolish years of astronomical stakhanovism ...


    Good luck to all of us !


    Alain Figer

    Currently :         48°.891 N ;   2°.113 E   (Paris area)

    Occasionnally : 44°.574 N ;  6°.682 E    (southern Alps)

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