awesome RESURS O1-N4 flare !!!!

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Mon Aug 13 2007 - 21:29:06 EDT

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    I was outside getting ready to observe. The neirbour came over, as he observer's satellite's with
    Well not long after, I notice a very bright star, where no star should be. I told him, and he
    spotted it. I could tell it wasn't the ISS, path is wrong for the type of orbit is in. I fiqured
    the object was a sun sync orbit, based on it's path. 
    Couldn't see any flashing lights, no aircraft.
    I managed to get some of the flare on video, to try and find out what I was seeing. No time
    inserter in use, as I hadn't powered it up yet. I went inside to get the power cord for it, while
    my neirbour kept an eye on it.
    It had faided, by the time I came outside. He told me where it passed, so I then ran an id. I had 
    RESURS O1-N4 (  25394 ) as a possible. Using the video I had captured, to see if it was, it
    matches the star's it was predicted to pass by :) So a positive id, it's RESURS O1-N4 we spotted.
    It's in a sun sync orbit:)
    It was easily -2 are brighter, even I would guess -4 !
    Oh so awesome, one reason I like observing satellites over deep sky objects, planets. Never know
    what you'll see with satellites.
    Time of flare was around 0:55 UTC ( Aug 14 )
    No video will be posted, of the flare. 
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