Nocturnalis horibilus... ! & ISS Flare

From: John Locker (
Date: Sun Aug 12 2007 - 18:03:56 EDT

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    Not a very good night tonight.
    Clouded out here with small breaks and in anticpation of trying to catch ISS 
    through a gap I was set up and ready to go when the declination clutch on my 
    Meade LX90 collapsed ( known poor design )  sending the OTA into freefall 
    and knocking the viewfinder out of alignment.
    In addition it also caused some mirror shift......messing up the focus 
    somewhat. Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  !
    However , hanging onto the scope in cliff hanger mode with one hand and 
    operating the laptop with the other I surprisingly managed to grab three 
    frames as the complex sped through the only gap in the cloud..........right 
    at the moment that the panels on Progress flared....
    I think we can be in no doubt that it is indeed Progress flaring when in 
    this flight mode , as can be seen here....
    Its also just possible to make out the tail of Endeavour.
    Looks like I'm now out of the game , as far as imaging is concerned , for 
    quite some time.  :O(
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