Re: not spotting EnviSat but another sat?

From: Bram Dorreman (
Date: Sat Aug 11 2007 - 10:17:00 EDT

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    Hello Marco,
    Your request
    2007/8/8, Marco Salden <>:
    > Trying to spot ENVISAT (as predicted on H-A). on saterday 4th August, I
    > spotted another satelite that went NE instead of NW. Spotted in Cross at
    > approx. 22:36 local time which is 20:36 UTC at about 70deg altitude.
    > Brigthness about +3. Visibility was "fair". Going into North-East
    > direction (approx 45 deg azimuth).
    > H-A did not (at that time) give me a prediction for an other sat.
    > Location: 51.333degN, 6.017degE (Netherlands, Europe).
    > Anyone who knows what I might have observed instead?
    I have tried to identify this satellite.
    According to my simulation with Guide 8 and using TLE's from August 4
    I found that Envisat was at 20h 36m 15s in an area in Cygnus (Swan) where at
    20h 40m 18s the rocket of Kosmos 1674 (1985-069B) moved about in the
    direction you specified.
    Looking at your location's coördinates I see that it is not so far from me,
    I guess about 50 km (30 miles).
    Site 4160: 51.27931 N, 5.47683 E (WGS84), 35 m
    Bram Dorreman (Belgium)

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