The ultimate frustration

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Fri Aug 10 2007 - 14:36:02 EDT

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    ISS/STS-118 docking occurred almost overhead: rapidly moving clouds here, 
    some stars seen intermittently but not the craft.
    After several years of hoping for an overhead docking I miss it.  The 
    eastern North Island may have got lucky with the weather, as it was  6 in 
    the morning any random observers not in the know may be submitting UFO 
    reports :-)
    Note to broadcast commentators: there are two islands in what you referred 
    to imprecisely as the South Pacific- they may be small but are not tiny and 
    are called New Zealand :-)
    As I have spread the word I am hoping there may be some press photographs if 
    anyone managed to see the craft.
    South Pacific -er- New Zealand
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