Re: ISS/STS passes for New Zealand

From: Gordon Prichard (
Date: Fri Aug 10 2007 - 10:44:44 EDT

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    Hello Robert,
        What a great pass it was. Here  in Newcastle, Australia the ISS
    passed at 5.04am (local time) with shuttle following at 5.07am. Clear
    skies allowed a great view with the shuttle being the brightest I have
    ever seen.
             Newcastle, Australia
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    Subject: ISS/STS passes for New Zealand
    > To draw attention to the fact that New Zealand has a pass of the ISS
    and STS
    > tomorrow morning our time: the ISS due at 1733 UTC Thursday (0533
    > NZT) followed by the shuttle about 3 minutes later.  (Apologies to any
    > miss out on this owing to the fact I am posting  late evening our
    time: I
    > did not want to post this information until I knew whether launch was
    > time, and owing to other commitments I could not access plain text
    > till now.).   The pass is in the Northeast so will be visible in most
    > of the country except the southern South Island.
    > If docking is on schedule at 1750 on  Friday UTC it will be just
    before an
    > excellent pass right over New Zealand commencing 1756 UTC (0556
    > NZT.)
    > Prospects for observation at this location are not good, cloud is
    moving in
    > again and the forecast is not at all favourable for the post-docking
    > At a quick glance looks as if we may have some good passes to observe
    > the installation of the new truss (if the weather allows!) As the hour
    > late and I need to be up early to attempt observation of the pass of
    > craft in tandem I will save the rest for later!
    > Robert Holdsworth
    > Wainuiomata
    > New Zealand
    > 174.948E
    > 41.261S
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