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From: Philipp Kurzke (
Date: Thu Aug 09 2007 - 10:06:00 EDT

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    Dear SeeSat members,
    as requested, i'd like to introduce myself to you! I'm a 25 year old music 
    student from Freiburg, Germany (7.8536 E, 48.0166N). I have been reading 
    this list for about two years now. As the time accuracy of my observations 
    would be about +/- 2 secs, and i'm still having a hard time in using 
    Obsreduce, i'm probably not going to share many obsevrations (at least not 
    until i have a precise watch).
    Three reasons why i subscribed to this list:
    1: Satellite observing has been my Hobby for some years now (i usually don't 
    have much time for it though (:
    2: In my real life, unfortunately nobody seems to share this hobby, and i 
    can think of no better place for sharing it than this list :)
    3: I have a concrete Question. I'm not sure if its on Topic for this List 
    though and it's a bit longer also. So i put it on the web for you at .
    Best regards,
    Philipp Kurzke 
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