Re: Correction Re: Dawn lunar transit of ISS for southeast of North Islaand, New Zealand

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Tue Aug 07 2007 - 04:05:00 EDT

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    I have managed to get this event into the news media,(although they 
    introduced an error- nothing to do with my earlier ones in Seesat-  but I 
    don't think it will cause too much problem) so hopefully there may be some 
    photo and video coverage. I have found difficulties in the past finding ways 
    of spreading the word rapidly and reliably, but this one works with the word 
    getting out within a few hours of posting.  Prospects for suitable weather 
    are promising.
    I am hoping this may bring some more interest to our hobby with some more 
    New Zealand observers  - locally too which will be a bonus as most sky 
    observers here seem to be astronomers with little interest in satellites, 
    and there are other people with more interest in the technical aspects of 
    the satellites themselves rather than observing them.  At least this event 
    is more predictable than waiting for something spectacular to fall out of 
    the sky.... :-)
    If STS-118 gets away on time we may be looking at it immediately post 
    docking, in view of the success this time I will be using the same means of 
    getting the word out if it there are no changes.  More on that event later 
    depending on any launch delays.
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