Re: Observed EAS (ISS deb), mag. +4 to +4.5 brightest

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Date: Mon Aug 06 2007 - 03:23:20 EDT

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    I have three stopwatches at the two sites where I live, with 80, 100 and 500 
    The best one is fast by 0.1 s/day, the worst one >5 s/day.
    I find that even the worst one is stable enough for interpolating
    times, even between two days, if the last time ref is soon after
    the obs pass.
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    > ... I had actually planned to do some serious sat observing there this 
    > evening, but upon arrival at the site I discovered I had forgotten to put 
    > my DCF77 radio clock in my backpack. So without a reliable time source, I 
    > could only do some recreational observing, including this EAS observation 
    > and the ISS itself half an hour later.
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