Observed EAS (ISS deb), mag. +4 to +4.5 brightest

From: Marco Langbroek (marco.langbroek@wanadoo.nl)
Date: Sun Aug 05 2007 - 19:48:14 EDT

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    Hi all,
    At 21:02 UTC I observed, naked eye, the EAS tank recently ejected from the ISS 
    (that is: the one SSC *currently* designates as EAS: 98-067BA, #31928).
    I first picked it up while it was passing through northern Ophiuchus, then 
    passed close to zeta Aql, somewhat over Altair and towards Delphinus. It 
    initially was comparable to the stars of the arrow (i.e around mag. 4, 4.5), but 
    rapidly became fainter while near Delphinus and I quickly lost it then.
    10 minutes earlier I tried to spot the VSSA object ejected from ISS too but failed.
    This observation was done while this evening I went to check out what will 
    become an occasional secondary observing site for me, 25 minutes biking distance 
    in the polder east of the town. It is much darker (got to mag. +6.6 with naked 
    eye at 21:40 UTC, sun at -16 degrees) and has 360 degree view down to the 
    horizon. Daytime 360 degree panorama image here:
    I plan to use this site occasionally for objects that remain too low for my 
    regular observing location at home, e.g. the Shuttle on its MECO orbit. I might 
    also observe meteors there, with sats as a byproduct.
    I had actually planned to do some serious sat observing there this evening, but 
    upon arrival at the site I discovered I had forgotten to put my DCF77 radio 
    clock in my backpack. So without a reliable time source, I could only do some 
    recreational observing, including this EAS observation and the ISS itself half 
    an hour later.
    - Marco
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