Re: Satellite, or leaves of him, it drops Pará , Brazil

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Thu Aug 31 2006 - 06:12:48 EDT

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    Thank you to Rosely Gregio for reporting the object found in Brazil:
    > A sphere covered by a material similar to inoxidable steel, 
    > measuring diameter about 80  centimeters and of approximately 
    > a height meter, dropped in one rural property of ... of Belém 
    > (PARÁ). The proprietor of the farm found the object last week.
    > ... The foil of identification of the object indicates that 
    > him it should be of North American origin.  More and images:
    One of the images shows a very legible identification tag:
    The tag reads:
    GE ASTRO SPACE PART NO. 20004298P1
    MFR PART NO. 80352-101
    MFR SERIAL NO. 0002
    Does anyone on SeeSat-L have catalogs of TRW and/or GE parts?  
    It seems interesting that both serial numbers indicate that 
    this is only the second object of the series.
    Here's another image that shows some sort of catastrophic 
    damage to the sphere.
    As Rosely mentioned, the article says that the object was 
    found last week, but it's not clear to me that there was a 
    claim as to how long it may have been there before it was 
    It certainly looks to me like it's possible that this object 
    may be a significant remnant of something that was in orbit.  
    Ed Cannon - Austin, Texas, USA
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