RE: STS 115: estimated MECO elements

From: Dale Ireland (
Date: Sun Aug 27 2006 - 12:56:29 EDT

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    Is the time difference between the ISS and the Shuttle the same after a
    certain period after launch even when the launches are rescheduled?
    In other words, can you say that 3 hours after launch the STS will be
    following the ISS by 35 minutes +/- 10 min (or whatever the launch window
    is) and 12 hours after launch it will be leading by 15 minutes and 24 hours
    after launch it will be leading by 5 minutes etc etc.
    Or does the rescheduling of a launch by a day or two totally change the
    approach maneuvers?
    So is it possible to make a little table with, roughly estimated ISS-STS
    visual pass time difference vs. hours after launch, so one doesn't have to
    hunt for the element sets to see STS?
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