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Date: Thu Aug 24 2006 - 00:29:05 EDT

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    It's been a while since I've even taken the time to look at
    a sat, but all the recent discussion about L5 got me wanting
    to at least try for that one.
    Anyway, from my location in Stanton, CA (33.8 -118.0) I
    waited for L5 to pass just below Polaris. Once captured
    and following through binocs as it passed gamma Cepheus I
    saw another fainter sat coming from the north. For a few
    seconds it appeared they were going to 'collide', but they
    'missed', but not by much.
    Using H-A I ID it as Cosmos 1726.
    Another interloper I wasn't expecting happened a minute or
    so before I captured L5. I saw a bright light out of the
    corner of my eye and saw it moving slowly north towards and
    then through Cassiopea, fading. I got my binos on it and
    realized it wasn't a plane. I'm not sure of it's ID. I had
    no predicted Iridium flares, but I wonder if it might not
    have been a solar panel flare or something.
    But back to L5, I kept moving back and forth from 1x and
    binos. During one transition, it disappeared. I was hoping
    to catch it's eclipse entry, but I doubt it would have gone
    through that in the second it takes to raise my binos. I
    guess it did one of it's disappearing tricks.
    I'll have to pick one or the other next time and just
    stick with it. It was nice to be looking for junk...errr...
    satellites again.
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