Re: 2006AUG19.OBS

From: Leo Barhorst (
Date: Sun Aug 20 2006 - 06:37:58 EDT

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    From the Orbital Debris Quaterly News July 2006 I have the following 
    inclueded in the RAE1989 table.
    On 2006 June 10 a ullage motor from a Russian Proton launch vehicle broke up 
    in an elliptical orbit of 655 km by 18,410 km with an inclination of 65.1.
    This is the 34th identified breakup of a motor of this type, which also 
    employs hypergolic propellants. More than 70 debris were detected after the 
    event, but
    due to the nature of the eccentric orbit the official cataloging process 
    will take time. This ullage motor was flown before Russian officials were 
    aware of
    the breakup potential of the component and could implement mitigation 
    Leo Barhorst
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