Re: the coming demise of Suitsat

From: Darwin Teague (
Date: Wed Aug 16 2006 - 05:47:55 EDT

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    At 12:37 AM 08/14/2006 -0700, Ed Cannon wrote:
    >In my predictions for earlier tonight I noticed that Suitsat
    >(05-034C, 28933) was there with a predicted orbital height of
    >167 miles (267 km).  Mike pointed out that due to its short
    >periods of visibility and coming decay, this could be our last
    >chance to see it (maybe one more less favorable one on Monday
    >evening).  So, that's something to keep in mind.  By the way,
    >it went over in a big hurry but to me still seemed not too
    >bright, maybe +4.5 at the brightest.
    I have not seen it yet, all passes here have been at 2 - 4 AM until last 
    night. What does it look like? I saw something that was flashing quickly, 
    with the flashes being of uneven brightness. I don't think that wa it 
    though because the path was in a NNW direction rather than NW.
    Was it on time?
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