Laser Beams from Calipso

From: Gregg Hendry (
Date: Wed Aug 16 2006 - 10:13:14 EDT

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    Laser light from Calipso was observed early on Aug 15th.
    One observer was located 30 meters west of the predicted sub-satellite geodetic ground track and saw 5-6 distinct green beams at least 30 degrees long moving very fast north to south.
    A second observer located 140 meters east of the predicted ground track saw two 5 degree beams and a bright green oblong spot near zenith. The spot was about half the size of a full moon.  The beams appeared north and south of the spot.
    The ground track was predicted using one day old TLE’s from
    The apparition was easy to see.   The sky was mostly clear with a few wispy thin clouds about.   Around 30 miles of visibility due to slight haze was noted the afternoon before and the waning gibbous moon was washing out stars to about 4th magnitude.
    Gregg Hendry
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