rainbow 1, 2 milstars, atlas centaur and ICO F2 sat video and observed my first gps satellite

From: Kevin Fetter (kfetter@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Aug 10 2006 - 08:27:58 EDT

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    I had a clear sky for awhile, so I decided to observe some stuff higher up.
    I observed the TDRS 10 ( 27566 ) Inmarsat F4-2 ( 28899 ) and PAS 1R ( 26608 ) all not to hard to
    I also observed rainbow 1 ( 27852 ) nice and bright. Also observed Echostar 3 near it, that one
    was fainter.
    The 2 milstars of course.
    ICO F2 ( 26857 )  - so easy to see, at over 12000+ km away. 
    ATLAS CENTAUR R/B ( 06058 )
    I also was able to see my first gps satellite, faint but I could see it moving on the tv. 
    No video due to it being faint. Can't rememer which one I observed. Don't matter, I saw one. 
    44.6062 N
    75.6910 W
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