Lacrosse 5 Mini Flare

From: Gerhard HOLTKAMP (
Date: Tue Aug 08 2006 - 14:20:58 EDT

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    Following Lacrosse 5 from my site at 49.8822 N, 8.6558 E last night (7-AUG-06) 
    it passed Alpha UMa at 20:37:41 UT with slightly less than mag 4. (This weak 
    magnitude was as expected due to an unfavorable phase angle.) L5 kept this 
    magnitude for half a minute when it suddenly flared for about 10 seconds. The 
    rather sharp peak of this flare was at 20:38:13 UT at about mag 1.5 . After 
    that it returned to mag 4.
    It may have been a flare from a smaller secondary surface rather than from a 
    larger surface (for which I would have been further off track and seen a 
    flatter peak).
    Gerhard HOLTKAMP
    Darmstadt, Germany
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