Nos 3-1 rk

Date: Mon Aug 07 2006 - 13:21:08 EDT

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    Saw noss 3-1 rk executing three very bright flashes microseconds apart. This
    flashing occurred only once during its pass . The flashes were as bright as
    a passing aircraft signal flashes at 18000 feet. They do pass regularly over
    my obs so noss's flash can be matched with some accuracy to them. Is this
    out of the ordinary?
    Lat 26 deg 04 min 15 sec south
    Long 30 deg 07 min 13 sec east
    Sighting as predicted by orbitron at 17:55 local time with azi 66.1 and alt
    64.7. with the full moon the sighting was not easy but the "flash" was
    obvious and outstanding.
    Ps hope I'm on topic as this is first posting. Been watching quietly for
    quite a while.
    Gerhard Groenewald  
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