Laccrosse-5 now "disappear" in 21:39:02 UTC. Nikolay Oleinikoff

From: nikolay-oleinikoff (
Date: Mon Aug 07 2006 - 11:43:30 EDT

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    Greeting all. My name is Nikolay Oleinikoff. I am from Russia. I have been subscribed. Me especially interests visual satellite obsaerved.
    Especially big military satellites. [Lacrosse, KeyHole, Tselina]
    Lacrosse-5 "disappear' in 21:39:02 UTC.[06.08.2006] Before "disappear" has 
    estimated  magnitude -0.1m [Alp Lyr]. 
    Not be variation magnitude before "disappear".
    Late "disappear" satellite not be visual.
    Latitude    55.8341 N    
    Longitude   37.2083 E 
    Altitude 185m.
    P.S: Sorry for bad english.
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