tandem satellites

From: kevin lawrence (a1kevn@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Aug 02 2006 - 22:11:14 EDT

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    I was using Heavens-Above predictions to casually
    observe satellite passages on July 31, 2006 just after
    dusk. My location is Murfreesboro, TN, Lat. 35.846,
    Long. -86.390 in the Central time zone. I saw Cosmos
    1980 at 21:09, Cosmos 1220 at 21:10, and Lacrosse 3 at
    21:14 (which gave a bright glint). All were on a very
    similar track, N to S through Cygnus. Then at 21:18 I
    saw a pair of satellites moving in tandem along nearly
    the same path as the previous satellites. The two
    satellites were separated by about 5 degrees of arc
    with a magnitude of 4 or 4.5, passing a little closer
    to the zenith toward Lyra. There was nothing in the
    heavens-above predictions for them. Can anyone help me
    identify this satellite pair?
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