Re: Just checking: any re-entries?

From: Jeff Umbarger (
Date: Wed Aug 02 2006 - 15:45:08 EDT

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    Hey Ed,
         That was the brightest meteor I have ever seen! I
    recorded the time as 04:05:19 UT Aug 2. It was in my
    south (30 deg up) and moving from my upper left to my
    lower right and passed through the lower third of
    Scopius. I saw two brilliant, pure green (copper?)
    flashes. The first one I thought was lightning! When I
    look at the site I caught the first flash's orange
    plasma trail and then caught the second flash as it
    went behind my house. If you think you have good
    position information we may be able to triangulate
    position in height and location.
              Jeff Umbarger
              Plano, TX USA
              Lat: +33.06946 (N)
              Lon: -96.76807 (W)
    --- Ed Cannon <> wrote:
    > Last night (04:05:09 August 2 UTC) there was a very
    > bright fireball
    > event over central Texas.  I was fortunate enough to
    > see it myself!
    > Some sourse has told a local TV station that it may
    > have been a
    > 14-year-old Cosmos rocket.  I'm not sure which
    > object they are
    > considering, but I'm sure it was a natural meteor. 
    > But just to
    > cover bases, might there have been a space-junk
    > re-entry possibly
    > visible over central Texas last night, northbound?
    > Ed Cannon - Austin, Texas, USA
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