Re: Just checking: any re-entries?

From: Alan Pickup (
Date: Wed Aug 02 2006 - 15:43:12 EDT

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    Ed Cannon writes
    >Last night (04:05:09 August 2 UTC) there was a very bright fireball
    >event over central Texas.  I was fortunate enough to see it myself!
    >Some sourse has told a local TV station that it may have been a
    >14-year-old Cosmos rocket.  I'm not sure which object they are
    >considering, but I'm sure it was a natural meteor.  But just to
    >cover bases, might there have been a space-junk re-entry possibly
    >visible over central Texas last night, northbound?
    No, Ed. The only object of any sort that I show decaying today, August
    2, is #29220, Cosmos 1703 SL-14 deb AU, whose orbital plane would have
    been northbound off the US Pacific coast at 04:05:09 UTC. I estimate
    decay at August 2.5, but the latest (final?) elset is more than 18 hours
    prior to this so the uncertainty is several hours. I've no idea what the
    "14-year-old Cosmos rocket" refers to. The observer reports in
    do point strongly to a meteoric object of brief duration. (Thanks to
    Ed's message in the meteorobs list for the URL).
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