Re: Re(2): Iridium 17?

From: Rod Sladen (
Date: Tue Aug 30 2005 - 06:31:27 EDT

  • Next message: Alberto Rango: "4641 PPAS 28 Aug 2005" said:
    > According to from July 02 Ir38
    > is indeed listed as tumbling, but IR77 still listed as spare.
    Well spotted, Bjorn!
    It does, indeed, appear that 25471 Iridium 77 was moved up into the
    operational constellation somewhere around August 18, 2005.  24870 Iridium
    17 presumably failed a few days previously.
    I will update my Iridium Constellation status page in the near future.
    This leaves orbital plane 6 without a spare satellite.
    27451 Iridium 98 (previously one of the spares from orbital plane 4) has
    been on the the move from plane 4 towards plane 5 for some time.  Whether
    it will go to plane 5 as I originally expected, or continue to plane 6,
    remains to be seen. Orbital plane 3 currently has 5 spare satellites -
    worth watching to see if any of these start moving towards another plane!
    >>In the same Iridium plane (6,
    >>Ir 38 with a higher MM is now 3 minutes behind Ir 15,
    >>and will overtake it by Sep.11
    Iridium 82 replaced failed Iridium 38 in orbital plane 6 on or about
    September 17, 2003.
    Rod Sladen
    Beeston, Nottinghamshire, UK
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