Flashing Geo

From: Stephen D Lalumondiere (Stephen.D.LaLumondiere@aero.org)
Date: Mon Aug 29 2005 - 21:53:44 EDT

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    Found:  One geosynchronous satellite that I cannot identify.  Three nights 
    I have seen it, and it appears to be flashing a few minutes earlier every 
    evening.  Using 16x70s, from So. Cal. light polluted skies I can observe 
    it for about half an hour each night.  Last night (actually this morning) 
    it became visible about 7:10 and I lost it around 7:40 UTC.  The flash 
    period isn't quite regular, with spacings of 42.5 and 45.5 seconds.  Some 
    of the flashes near the midpoint were at least mag 4.
    Not very well timed positional obs from the following nights:
    2005/08/26     0:50:00 UTC;    RA  0:27.6    Dec  -11.18
    2005/08/28     0:40:40 UTC;    RA  0:19.2    Dec  -13.09
    2005/08/29     0:38:14 UTC;    RA  0:21.4    Dec  -13.13
    I have flash timings and some additional positions if anyone desires them.
    Steve LaLumondiere
    33.820, -118.316
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