Re: Midas 9 (02481, 66-089A) spectacular

From: Bram Dorreman (
Date: Sun Aug 28 2005 - 10:40:21 EDT

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    Ed Cannon wrote:
    > A few evenings ago I was looking without binoculars for a
    > bright Long March and saw a couple of bright flashes that
    > turned out to be from Midas 9 (02481, 66-089A).  Earlier
    > tonight there was another pass at a range of over 2,300
    > miles (3,680 km).  It did a series of +1 magnitude
    > flashes, . . .
    This satellite is well known to us for this beheaviour. We found it several
    times unintentionally while waiting for Iridium-flares.
    Every time I see this kind of flaring I think of 66-089A and most
    identifications show my guess was correct.
    Of all MIDAS-satellites this one is the most spectacular.
    It is also my experience that this object is normally for rather good clear
    nights. Because of its great altitude it is an object for late winternights
    or early wintermornings when lower satellies are still in shadow.
    Bram Dorreman
    COSPAR 4160
    51 16' 45.5" N  5 28' 36.6" E (WGS84) 35 m
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